• The Old Prison
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  • The Old Prison is located in Gozo within the walls of the Citadel, overlooking Cathedral Square and was originally connected to the law courts. The Old Prison has a lot of interesting things to see such as original graffiti from inmates depicting crosses, ships and the cross of the Knights.

    This prison was used between the mid-16th century until the beginning of the 20th century and is today divided into two sections, the entrance hall and the individual cells. The entrance hall was used as a shared cell in the 19th century while the freestanding block contained six individual cells of 5.4 square metres for the more dangerous prisoners. Upon the Knights of St John’s arrival to Malta, the prison cells turned into rooms used by the men to cool down and take shade from the sun.

    Today, the entrance hall is home to an exhibition about fortifications found in Gozo. The six individual cells are still very well preserved, almost as in the same condition they were in in the 19th century. The cells are surrounded by a narrow and exciting corridor and two of them overlook the central courtyard. This museum is ideal for children who want to explore how life in prison would have been like, as well as older persons looking to learn about the history of Gozo.

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    Saskia Negrassus
    12 August 2016