• Sannat Primary School
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  • We strive to provide learning outcomes helped by constant parental involvement in a holistic education which empowers and fulfils the child who in turn feels able to participate proactively in society.

    Our School Today
    The school caters for children from Sannat and Munxar. It comprises the Primary and Kindergarten Sector as well as the Special Unit.

    About 159 children attend the Primary Section while 34 children attend the Kindergarten Section. Each year group is made up of two classes, except the Year 1 which is made up of only one class.

    The Special Unit Section which is situated under the same roof caters for 15 students with special needs on a full-time basis and provides services to 29 mainstream students from Primary and Secondary Schools on the island.

    The staff consists of 10 Teachers and 10 Learning Support Assistants in the Primary Section, 3 Kindergarten Assistants and 4 Learning Support Assistants in the Kindergarten Section as well as 5 Teachers and 9 Learning Support Assistants in the Special Unit Section.

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