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  • Offering a wide selection of gourmet coffees, teas, pastries and desserts at great value, McCafé is situated next to the McDonald's restaurant.

    The menu offers customers a variety of choices such as the Cafe Blend coffee, brewed from 100 per cent Arabica beans - a rich, dark roast regular and decaffeinated - as well as specially blended espresso, café latte, latte macchiato, latte caldo, American coffee and Vienna coffee as well as classical frappé (blended ice and milk) with a choice of caramel, strawberry or capuccino flavours.

    The preparation of the high quality coffees creates in-store "theatre".

    In addition to coffee McCafé offers a selection of cakes, pastries and snacks.

    The McCafé concept was first introduced in Australia in 1993 and has evolved into a successful enterprise with more than 300 McCafés worldwide, including Brazil, Italy, France, New Zealand and Argentina. Each country has adopted a unique variation of McCafé to best suit traditions.

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