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  • Il-Panzier Restaurant has managed against all the odds to become successful restaurant serving typical Sicilian fare.

    The owner, Valentino took it on after a series of mishaps, embarking on a new business in a foreign country, with a restaurant that had been abandoned twice in a row and lost its clientele. With acumen and verve, Valentino managed the place back to success serving genuine food with the help of Alexandra who has taken over the kitchen.

    Even though Il-Panzier is situated in a quiet location in Gozo, it has managed to entice clients with its selection of fresh meats, fresh fish and typical genuine Sicilian ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil and delicious seasonal products.

    This family-run business enjoys easy parking on two nearby squares. The restaurant also comes with its own private garden with special accessibility for wheel-chair users.

    Staff members speak five different languages and the menu itself is set in five different languages.

    Eat from hand-designed plates, each one is different from rest. Sit at tables made of Sicilian ceramic and lava stone from Mount Etna.

    Eat exquisite Sicilian dishes. Immerse yourself in a Sicilian experience at Il-Panzier.

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