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  • Consider us your big brother or sister. From first hand experience we know how difficult it is to find yourself in Malta, trying to cook, clean, make new friends and keeping your grades up to paar. But don't worry you'll get accustomed to it in a month or two :)

    We would like to help you with anything you may need, be it finding your way to class, accomodation or maybe even some fast easy receipes (trust us you'll use them) ;P What we mean to say is, do not hesitate to drop us a line on info@gug.com.mt or just send us a private message on this page.

    To the not so fresh students: We do hope you've become accustomed to the University way of life but we know that as students studying away from home we still encounter various obstacles. Therefore the above invitation applies to you as well :)

    We wish you all the best for the next coming school year :)

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