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  • The Gozo General Hospital provides the main health care services on the island of Gozo.

    The Gozo General Hospital is the only hospital in Gozo and in fact one of the larger hospitals in the Maltese Islands with around 160 beds. In and out-patient services are offered as well as excellent medical care facilities.

    The first cornerstone of the Gozo General Hospital was laid by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 16th November 1967. The hospital was officially inaugurated by the Health Minister, Hon. Dr. Albert V. Hyzler and blessed by His Excellency Mons. Nicholas J. Cauchi, Bishop of Gozo, on Saturday, 31st May 1975.

    The Gozo General Hospital is the first and only acute public hospital in the island of Gozo with approximately 300 beds. It offers a vast range of services to local and foreign patients for both emergency or planned medical care.

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