• Gozo Football Association
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  • Mission Statement

    To develop, promote, control and regulate the sport of association football in all its forms throughout the territory of the Island of Gozo in the spirit of fair play and in conformity with its own Statute, and with its other rules, bye-laws and regulations as may be in force from time to time, and with the statues, bye-laws, rules and regulations of M.F.A., FIFA and UEFA, and with the Laws of the Game as promulgated by the International Football Association Board.

    To organise competitions in association football in all its forms and in all levels within the territory of the Island of Gozo as it may deem fit and proper, and to administer, control and exercise discipline over such competitions;

    To foster friendly relations amongst officials and other administrators of the Association and those of its Members as well as between registered players, licensed football coaches and licensed football referees.

    To prevent all sorts of discrimination as to politics, gender, religion or race within the Association and in its competitions as well as within its Members;

    To protect the joint interests of its Members and to settle disputes between its Members, register players, licensed football coaches, licensed players’ agents and licensed football referees;

    To prevent the introduction of improper methods or practices in the game of association football, to protect it from abuse and to punish those found guilty of having used improper methods or practices;

    To own and/or administer and/or manage sports facilities and/or other property needed to achieve its objectives;

    To enter into any agreement and/or any kind of partnership with other parties for the promotion and the development of association football or sports in general both locally and abroad;

    To exploit in the best possible manner the audio-visual, sound broadcasting, advertising and merchandising rights, as well as any other rights of which it is the legitimate owner, in relation to football matches which fall under its jurisdiction and relation to its own property or the property which it administers;

    To manage and invest the monies and the other assets of the Association in an appropriate manner as it may determine;

    To borrow and raise monies as it may determine;

    To disseminate information about its activities; and

    To consider and decide on all matters relating to the sport of association football within its jurisdiction.

    To introduce all possible environmental friendly measures.

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