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  • One of the most effective means to reach to grassroots and engage in dialogue with citizens is the network of Europe Direct Information Centres (EDICs).

    EDICs are valuable partners for all the European Institutions and Member States. The European Commission launched a call for Proposals 2013 - 2017 and the Gozo Business Chamber was chosen to host its first Information Centre from the 1st January 2013.

    EDICs are the first contact point for EU citizens as:
    - they answer all types of questions related to EU's activities and policies;
    - they guide towards the sources of inforamtion and advice that best meet citizens' needs.

    Team Europe

    Team Europe is a communicator service which is appointed by the Commission Representations. In the 1980's the Team Europe activities multiplied and in 1989 the first Europe-wide structure ws set up. Team Europe has gradually evolved towards a network of communicators in a variety of fields going beyond academic speeches, such as moderating workshops, facilitating panel discussions and using social media blogs. Members are chosen both with regards to their communication skills and to their expertise in one or several EU policies. Malta currently has 12 Team Europe Members.

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