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  • Darbuka Music Events focus on entertainment with a modern and traditional feel. Coming from tribal native inspiration to full on bass music! A mixture of drumming sessions accompanied by techno, tech-house, dub, Dance music and chill out sessions that will set you on elevation, through a night journey and a state of complete freedom! Our ideology is to bring freedom to the people but why should it stop there?

    Happiness and good times is what we want to share with you! Darbuka music events also introduce exotic dance performances in Gozo’s and Malta’s best favoured clubs from belly dancers to gogo dancers, fire breathers and more! Enter the world of our modern native insomnia tribe… Join along in our gurney and events!

    Bringing performances from professional dancers, and mind blowing sets from best local/foreign DJ’s and night acts!

    We believe in giving to receive:

    Darbuka Music Events also give Djembe’ and Darbuka drumming lessons for those looking for something different with a chance in performing live! Bringing and gatherings OF Instrumental Chill out sessions for all to join along in a quest of freedom of experience...

    Darbuka Music events don’t stop there; we also cater for Weddings and all types of event planning or live sessions.

    For more info on event organisation and chill out drumming lessons on Jembe’ and darbuka instruments email or contact: darbuka.music.events@gmail.com
    Phone: +356-99338898

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