• Church of the Nativity of Our Lady
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  • The original church was one of the earliest church buildings in Gozo. It was mentioned in notarial deeds of 1479. Other sources trace this church to the time of Count Roger I of Sicily.

    The church was rebuilt in 1502. This church, together with that of St James and St George's served as the parish church for the locals during the night time since the parish of St Mary in the Citadel was inaccessible for people living outside the fortified city.

    As the treat of a barbarian invasion decreased Savina and St James's lost their parochial status and Victoria was left to two main parishes. Burials used to take place in the church yard up until 1899.

    The present church was built in the early 20th century. The cathedral chapter had approved plans for the rebuilding of Savina church. Works started in 1901 and finished in 1904. The church was consecrated on February 17, 1904.[2] In 1913 the church was further enlarged.

    The church reopened on the same year by Cardinal Domenico Ferrata, a Papal delegate for the Eucharistic Congress. Monsignor Luigi Vella was appointed as the first rector of the church.

    Monsignor Vella was the one who worked to rebuild the church and open it for perpetual adoration. He later was appointed as Archdeacon of the Cathedral


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