• Activity Matters
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  • A day of activities, organized by the Office of Gozo Culture and Gozo Sports Board showcasing a number of interactive exercises and sports, artistic workshops and game sessions for various ages. People attending this free event are encouraged to participate in any of the activities.

    Abseiling, Baseball, Basketball, Climbing, Gymnastics, Spirit Combat, Volleyball.

    Craft sessions, Dance workshops, Drama workshops, Music workshops, Painting sessions, Storytelling.

    Traditional Trades:
    Bizzilla, Ganċ, Macrame, Weaving.

    Keep Fit, Stretching, Taoist Yoga.

    Creative – Fun Poetry.
    Mind Movers – Crossword Puzzles, Sudoku, Trivia.
    Physical – Bouncing Castle with water slides, Races, Water Games.
    Traditional – Boċċi, Dawra Durella, Ħabel, Noli, Passju.

    As the name of the event itself states, Activity Matters, and is essential in achieving a Healthy Life. All the activities within this event are aimed at promoting and raising awareness about the physical, mental, social and emotional benefits of staying active.

    Sports and exercise not only have physical benefits but promote greatly psychological and emotional well-being. Games are usually associated with relaxation time, but at the same time, play an important role in socialization. Art, in its various forms, is an excellent way for one to express emotions and ideas, even when other modes of expression are difficult.

    The event will provide an ideal environment for the whole family. While some activities are targeted for a specific age group, many workshops and sessions are open to people of all ages, parents and children can participate together.

    The aim of this one day event is to provide the possibility to experience many activities. Eventually visitors can seek out those activities they have enjoyed most, start learning and indulge in their practice, integrating them in their lives.

    This project is funded by Eco-Gozo – Ministry for Gozo.

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