• Dinky Fingers Keepsakes are coming to Bejta Art Gallery Gozo

  • 17 March 15:30 - 19:30
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  • Dinky Fingers produces beautiful and bespoke keepsakes in ceramics and silver in St Pauls Bay, Malta and is coming to Gozo to Bejta on Saturday 17th March at 3.30pm—6pm.

    Keepsakes are made of handprints and footprints in beautiful ceramics in a choice of colours and shapes. Silver jewellery keepsakes are made of handprints, footprints and fingerprints.
    Prices start at just 20 Euros. Completed items will be delivered back to Bejta once ready.

    Each keepsake is unique and a beautiful way to capture your memories. Please contact us to book your slot to have your prints taken for your keepsakes. Time slots will be allocated to make sure no one was waiting too long. Please note ceramic keepsakes take 6 weeks for completion, Silver keepsakes take 2 weeks.